Norwegian Wood

This book was a gift from Shin while I was lying on my bed due to my broken ankle.
I asked him to bring me whatever he thinks interesting, and he broung this one for me. I was a bit surprised that he chose this one from 민음사 with the cover of 이우환’s painting.

Photo 29-11-2013 20 46 50

Haruki wrote this novel in 1987. It is very interesting that his tone, characters, issues and even the plot are pretty much the same with his most recent books. I’ve read a lot of Haruki’s books and most of them are, so to speak, quite indistinguishable. However what is more interesting is that despite the similar stories, I just cannot help but read his books. and I assumes that’s what makes Haruki special.

And, one more interestingly, at the day I finished this book, I saw the cover’s artpiece which is Ufan Lee’s abstract painting, in the Tate Modern.


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