Vilem Flusser/Writings- A New Imagination

Vilem Flusser/Writings- A New Imagination


“Recently, the entire situation was radically changed. The numeric code broke out of the alphabetical code, freed itself from the pressure of linearity, and switched over from numeric to digital. In this matter, all the artificial techniques that were once considered necessities, such as differential calculus, have become superfluous”
“Images can now be completely and throughly analyzed. As a result, all of the objections that the philosophical and theological traditions have raised against images have now become grondless.” p.113.

Calculrated images : It is a concretizing gesture: it collects zero-dimensional elements, to spread them out in a surface, thus bridging the intervals. IN this manner, this gesture differentiates itself from the other gesture of image creation mentioned earlier: it neither abstracts, nor steps backwards; just the opposite, it concretizes, it projects. Certainly, both gestures lead to the creation of images, but then one is dealing with a different sort of images.”
“The images created by the traditional imagination are 2-dimensional, because they have been abstracted from a 4-dimensional life-world. In comparison, the images of new imagination are 2-dimensional, because they have been projected from 0-dimensional calculrations. ” p.114.

“The new imagination finds itself in an unsurpassable position of abstraction. At this level of abstraction, image can be designed that have been thoroughly critiqued and analyzed. To put it another way: only when one produces images of calculations instead of facts can pure aesthetics find its true expression; only then can Homo Ludens replace Homo Faber.” p.116.


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