Vilem Flusser/Writings- Images in the New Media

Vilem Flusser/Writings- Images in the New Media (1989)


“The tendency is charateristics of the current revolution in culture. All messages(information) can be reproduced and transmitted to immobile addresses. This is truly a revolution in culture, not simply a new cultural technique.” p.70.

“A sender is connected to countless addresses, but rather networked, so that individual addresses are connected with one another by reversible cables.” p.74.

“We are in the beginning stages of a major change in the transmission of images, especially in the sphere of computer images. There, we can see how images are sent out from a sender to an addresses, to be then processed, and returned. The beginning stage of this major changeover demonstrate how it is technically possible to outplay the intention behind the current mode of transmission. They demonstrate that technical means make it possible to take the political, economic, and social “powers” out of commission.” p.74.

“Should this change be successful, the notion of “image” would acquire new, fourth meaning . The image would be a “disembodied surface.” Many different participants would cooperate to project different meanings on this surface. In this manner, the previous meanings of image would be “negated”, thus taking on a new, higher level of significance. The image would remain universally accessible, the way it currently is. It would still be a multiple of itself that is easily transported. It would regain the politicla, epistemological, and aesthetic potential that it possessed during the time when painters were responsible for its production.” p.74.


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