Video : Chicago media theory

Video : Chicago media theory


Television consists of previously recorded video and film and live broadcasting. A live television broadcast is immeidate.
film is the opposite of television’s immediateness. it is not accessible in the normal home.
Video often nests within television immediacy and film timelessness. video is more often viewed alone in an intimate home setting.

McLuhan and Krauss compare video as a medium to narcissism. auto-narcissism.
They could not even recognize themselves. That is, they thought that they were actually witnesses to the events when in truth they were just sitting and watching what they were to become through false experience.
Krauss claims narcissism as the main dintinguishing factor of video art. She observed that through the feedback coil of video, consciousness of temporality and of separation between subject and object are simultaneously submerged. The result of this submergence is, for the maker and the viewer of most video art, a kind of weightless fall through the suspended space of narcissism.

Video as being a visual electomagnetically recorded channel is an incrediblhisy broad definition of the medium. Perhaps this is why it has been going through a continual identity crisis with film and television.
Perhaps the most dramatic effect of video is its ability to distort what is ‘seen’ in a visual-centric society into what is ‘known’. Though their blending they allow viddying to occur- a massively replicated sociological pseudo-experience intrinsically tied to narcissism.


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