The Mode of Information : Mark Poster 01 ; The concept of Postindustrial Society _ Bell and the problem of rhetoric

The Mode of Information : Mark Poster 01 ; The concept of Postindustrial Society _ Bell and the problem of rhetoric

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An aduquate account of electronic communications requires a theory that is able to decode the liguistic dimension of the new form of social interaction. p.5.

Electronically mediated communication has compelling effects at this level of language. By distancing the relation of speaking body to listening body, by abstracting from the connection between the reader or writer and the palpable materiality of the printed or handwritten text, electronically mediated communication upsets the relation of the subject to the symbols it emits or receives and reconstitutes this relation in drastically new shapes. p.14.

타자에 대한 논리를 매체에 적용시킨다. politics of OTHER. against 이분법이다. 이 매체가 본성적으로 self-referential이라고 주장.
A review of critical social theroy led me to the conclusion that contemporary society ought not to be approacehd through action-centered models.
We are thereby permitted to reconstruct the oppositions normal/deviant, majority/minority, masculine/feminine.
The second cause for skepticism about action-centered theory is that the social scene appears to me increasingly composed of electronically mediated communications that expand upon and magnify the self-referential aspect of language. The new language structures refer back upon themselves, subverting referentiality and thereby acting upon the subject and constituting it in new and disorienting ways. p.17.

The concept of postindustrial soceity : Bell and the problem of rhetoric
여기에서 그는 information society에서 가장 중요한 재화,commodity인 정보가 기존의 재화들과 어떻게 다른지 분석.

While information is not suited to spatial forms of scarcity it initiates a new form of scarcity, the scarcity of time. Information becomes a commodity to the extent that the time needed to reproduce it falls withing the principles of capitalist economic theory. p.26.

By treating information as an economic rather than as a linguistic fact the theory of postindustrial society obscures the question of the new communication possibilities of disseminating information opened up by the electronic technologies. p.28.


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