The Mode of Information : Mark Poster 02 ; Baudrillard and TV ads _ the language of economy

The Mode of Information : Mark Poster 02 ; Baudrillard and TV ads _ the language of economy

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여기에서 저자는 대중매체, 특히 TV 광고가 어떻게 the mode of information에 영향을 미치는지 분석하고. 특히 mode of information 에 있어서.

The electronic media dp alter the time-space parameters of social interactions, in principle rendering anyone capable of communicating with anyone else at anytime.
Electronic mediation changes the structure, the conditions that underlie symbolic exchange.
For one thing, electronically mediated conversation cancels contexts, creating enw speech situation.
Electronic media make scenarios of conversation by controlling contexts.
The media conversation is primarily monologic, not dialogic.
The monologic contextless media language is self-referential. p.45.

Media language – contextless, monologic, self-referential-invites the recipient to play with the process of self-constitution, continuously remake the self in “conversation” with differing modes of discourse. p.46.

The Sign System
Normally a sign is composed of a word and a mental image and is associated with a referent, a thing in the real world.
The code may be understood as a language or sign system unique to the mode of information, to electronically mediated communication systems. ㅔ.58.

저자는 이전 시대의 매체를 classical capitalist period의 것을 representational sign이라고 본다.
그리고 electronic media 시대를 the mode of information으로 본다.
representational mode of signification –> informational mode of signification.
그리고 이 관계에서는 referent 와의 관계가 사라진다.

Baudrillard say that the mode of signification of the classical capitalist period was the representation sign. The social world was constituted in the figure of realism through signs whose stable referents were material objects.
The communicative act that best exemplified the representational sign was reading the written word. The stability and linearity of the written word help to constitute the subject in reason.
In the informational mode of signification things go differently. The abstract conventionality in the internal relation of the components of the sign characteristic of the earlier period is carried a giant step farther. The all-important link between sign and referent is shattered. Baudrillard called the decline of the referentials. pp.61-62.

this is nonrepresentational, noninstrumental communications mode, one different from reading point.
To Baudrillard, from now on incorporates the simulatory dimension of hyperrealsim. p.63.
Poststructuralists practice a readin gof texts in which meaning is actively constituted by the reader. p.64.


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