Expanded Cinema : Gene Youngblood _ 01

Expanded Cinema : Gene Youngblood _ 01
Part 1 : The Audience and the Myth of Entertainment

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작가는 Paleocybernetic age라는 어휘를 사용한다.

We are witnessing a metamorphosis in the nature of life on earth. Art, science, and metaphysics, separated fro so long in the specialized world of Western man, are reconverging. p.45.
We have come to see that we don’t really see, that reality is more within than without. p.46.
Optic senses, visual이 얼마나 큰 비중을 차지하는지 이야기한다.

In the global intermedia network age, what happens to our definition of material and spiritual when science has found no boundary between the two?
Indeed, what becomes of reality itself as science expands its mastery of the forces of the universe? Desling as it does in energy transformation and submicroscopic particles… p.53.

The Intermedia Network as Nature
It is the idea that man is conditioned by his environment and that environment for contemporary man is intermedia network. We are conditioned more by cinema and television than by nature. p.54.
In the Agricultural age, man was totally passive, conditioned and victimized by the environment. In the Industrial Age man’s role was participatory; he became more aggressive and successful in his attempts to control his environment. We’re now moving into the Cybernetic Age in which man learns that to control his environment he must cooperate with it; he not only participate but actually recreates his envionment both physical and metaphysical, and in turn is conditioned by it. p.55.

Noosphere : 인간 생활권 – 인간 활동으로 인해서 의식적/무의식적으로 변화된 생물권
superposed on the living layer of the biosphere and the lifeless layer of inorganic material, the lithosphere. p.57

Part 2 : Synaesthetic cinema : The end of drama
We’re beginning to understand that what is significant in human experience for contemporary man is the awareness of consciousness, the recognition of the process of perception.
Synaesthetic cinema transcends the restrictions of drama, story, and plot and therefore cannot be called a genre.
Synaesthetic cinema is the only aesthetic language suited to the post-industrial, post-literate, man-made envrironment with its multi-dimensional simulsensory network of information sources. p.77.


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