Atmosphers by Peter Zumthor

Atmosphers by Peter Zumthor

Photo 2014. 7. 5. 오후 7 35 15

“Quality architecture to me is when a builing manages to move me. that move me every single time. One work for it is atmosphere.” p.11.

“We perceieve atmosphere thorough our emotional sensibility – a form of perception that works incredibly quickly, and which we hamans evidently need to help us survive.”
“we are capable of immediate appreciation, of a spontaneous response. That is very different from linear thought.” p.13.

“People interact with object. As an architect that is what I deal with all the time.” p.17.

A Question : What is this , the magic of things, the magic of the real world.
What it tells me is something asbout atmosphere: the ability to touch us within seconds of listening. 매우 즉각적인 것으로 보낟. atmosphere를.


The material presence of things in a piece of architecture. its frame. That kind of things has a sensual effect on me. p.23.


Materials react with one another and have their radiance.





Architecture is a spatial art, as people always sya. But Architecture is also a temporal art, like music.



It all has to do with proximity and distance. Size, dimension, the buildings’s mass by contrast with my own.


To plan the building as a pure mass of shadow then, afterwards, to put in light as if you were hollowing out the darkness, as if the light were a new mass seeping in. p.59.
to go about lighting materials and surfaces systematically and to loof at the way they reflect the light. In other words, to choose the materials in the knowledge of the way they reflect and to fit everything together on the basis of that knowledge. p.59.
For an architect that light is a thousand times better than artificial light.

Three things that really moves him.

the attempt to conceive of architecture as a human environment.


Architecture, after all, is made for our use, It is not a free art in that sense. I think architecture attains its highest quality as an applied art.


Fianl aim,


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