Imagery in the 21st century


Imagery in the 21st century,
edited by Oliver Grau with Thomas Veigl
MIT press, 2013

1. Introduction : Imagery in the 21st Century : Oliver Grau and Thomas Veigl
Historians understand images no longer as illustrations, but as historic documents sui generis. (독특한) P.6
images define our world and our everyday life. … images are pushing themselves in front of images.
Images cannot be reduced to a specific technology, to genres, to practices, to specific instruments or devices, to symbolic forms, …. Yet images operate in all of these. p.7.
Aniconism- the inability to interpret images adequately. p.7.

The ongoing image revolution requires that all of us have the ability to engage with images and the opportunity of continuing our image education. p.10.
Our society still lack educational programs dedicated to understanding images-to a degree where we can even speak of visual illiteracy.
A further central problem of current cultural policy stems from the serious lack of knowledge about the origins of audiovisual media. p.10.
The multitude of new possibilities in producing, projecting, and distributing images has led to the formation of new image genres.


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