Welcome to the Multiplex: Lev Manovich

Welcome to the Multiplex:

Documenta 11, New Generation Film Festival (Lyon), LA Film Festival’s New Technology Forum

Lev Manovich

Going through the show I also had the feeling I was in a kind of artist’s cinema multiplex. Although I have not counted, it felt that at least half of all the Documenta artists presented “video installations” which almost all followed the same standard exhibition format: a projection presented in a small room. p.2.

The paradox of an art show which became a multiplex movie theatre became further apparent after I visited the brand new film festival in Lyon called New Generation. Approximately one third of a festival was given to artists’ videos.

For me, nether interface makes much sense – why not put all video on a computer server and set up comfortable personal stations where viewers can access and watch any video in any time, the way it was done already a few years ago in KIASMA museum in Helsinki. KIASMA digitized thewhole collection of Finnish video art which was then put on museum servers accessible through PCs set up in a special media room.

이 부분 상당히 충격적이다. displaying medium을 개무시하고 있다. 

I was given the proof that creative techno-avant-garde is not in Kassel, Lyon, and other traditional citadels of “real culture” but in Los Angeles, literally next door to Hollywood studios.- 그러나 이것이 과연 ART 인가??


To put this differently, while we see more and more “hybrids” films which use plenty of compositing, 3D and 2D animation, but still have an overaall “film” look (i.e., they present us 3D photorealistic space) – such as “Amelie” (2001) – there is also now a diffirent type of “hybrid” films which look more like what we expect to find in illustration and graphic design. I call this new type of digital cinema aesthetics “Post-Fash Cinema.” p.4.

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