Yang Fudong : 2015 Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris

Yang Fudong : 2015 Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris


APRIL 18 – MAY 30, 2015

your films are usually seen in cinemas and in art galleries, locations which create distinct viewing experiences for audiences. How does the gallery, with the potential for multiple screen, aloow for a different sensibility for viewers compared to cinema viewing? do you consider the viewer as an individual, or in communal sense?

When you are showing an artwork in an art space, whether it is single screen or multiple screens, it is more likely a three-dimension video work. I said once that the audience is the second director and he/she is the crucial part of the work. What he/she sees and reflects in the art space will be re-edited in his/her mind and become his/her own unique experience. The time length he/she watches it, the view and the choice of the screen will all affect his/her perception of the work.

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