Reinventing the medium (1999) : Rosalid Krauss

Reinventing the medium (1999) : Rosalid Krauss


the notion of obsolescenc, outmoded photography (reinventing the medium)에 나는 좀 반대한다. 그녀는 이 주장을 번복하기는 했다. 그녀가 이야기하는 obsolescene가 완전히 사라지거나 폐기함을 이야기하는 것이 아니라 reinvent로 나아가기 위한 방법이라는 것은 알지만, 그래도 뭔가.

photograpy’s emergence as a theoreetical medium. Photography’s destruction of the conditions of the aesthetic medium in a transformative operation .. the relationship between obsolescence and the redemptive possibiltieis enfoleded within the outmoded itself. (290)

In becoming a theoretical object, photography loses its specificity as a medium. (292)

Rather, it concerns the idea of a medium as such, a mediuim as a set of conventions derived from the material conditions of a given technical support, conventions out of which to develop a fomr of expressiveness that can be both projective and mnemonic. –> postconceptual, post medium (296)


She suggeted that photography has waned into a state of obsolescence. It lost its specificity as a medum while become a theoretical object. .. When ahs photogaphy ever been obsolete? When will it ever be obsolete?/// Her notion of photography as outmoded. … Photography, like every medium of art, is evolving, and it is no way obsolete it is in fact becoming more and more widesperead and dominant.


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