Toward Post-media era : Felx Guattari (2012)

 Toward Post-media era : Felx Guattari (2012);

Félix Guattari’s key statement on ‘post-media’. Translated by Alya Sebti and Clemens Apprich (with additional modifications by Neinsager, March, 2013 updated March 2013)

기본적으로 optimistic한 자세이다. 디지털 테크놀로지로 인해서 post medium era로 이행하게 된다고 생각하는 점에서 Manovich와 동일하다

we can hope for a transformation of mass-media power that will overcomecontemporary subjectivity, and for the beginning of a postmedia era of collectiveindividual reappropriationand an interactive use of machines of information, communication, intelligence, art and culture.

New technologies foster efficiency and madness in the same flow. The growing power of software engineering does not necessarily lead to the power of Big Brother. In fact it is way more crackedthan it seems. It can blow up like a windshield under the impact of molecular alternative practices.

Copyright © Félix Guattari, 1990. Unpublished text of October1990, published in the journal Chimères,n.28, sprin



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