The social turn: collaboration and its discontent – Claire Bishop

The social turn: collaboration and its discontent – Claire Bishop

Artforum, Feb, 2006, 178-183.

This catalogue of projects is just a sample of the recent surge of artistic interest in collectivity, collaboration, and direct engagement with specific social constituencies. .. Although these practices have had, for the most part, a relatively weak profile in the commercial art world-collective projects are more difficult to market than works by individual artists, and they are also less likely to be works than social events, publications, workshops, or performances-they nevertheless occupy an increasingly conspicuous presence in the public sector. (178)

This expanded field of relational practices currently goes by a variety of names: .. These practices are less interested in a relational aesthetic than in the creative rewards of collaborative activity-whether in the form of working with preexisting communities or establishing one’s own interdisciplinary network.

Many artists now make no distinction between their work inside and outside the gallery, and even highly established and commercially successful figures like Francis Alys, Pierre Huyghe, Matthew Barney, and Thomas Hirschhorn have all turned to social collaboration as an extension of their conceptual or sculptural practice. .. all are linked by a belief in the empowering creativity of collective action and shared ideas.

Nicolas Bourriaud in Relational Aesthetic, the defining text of relational practice, “art is the place that produces a specific sociability,” (179)

The discursive criteria of socially engaged art are, at present, drawn from a tacit analogy between anticapitalism and the Christian “good soul.” In this schema, self-sacrifice is triumphant: The artist should renounce authorial presence in favor of allowing participants to speak through him or her. ..

이 프레임 워크를 내 논의로 어떻게 끌어오 ㄹ수 있을 것인가. 

artist – activist.


3 thoughts on “The social turn: collaboration and its discontent – Claire Bishop

  1. 안녕하세요. 저는 이윤지라고 해요. 클레어 Claire Bishop 리서치하다 흘러흘러 들어왔어요^^. 작가님은 절 모르실테지만. 저는 한국에서 부터 작업을 봐왔거든요. 저는 UCL에서 Museum education MA하고 있어요. V&A도 한번 가서 어떻게 작업하시는지 보고싶은데 기회가 없었네요! 암튼 반가운 마음에 글 남겨봅니다!

    • 앗 안녕하세요. 이윤지 씨, 예전부터 작업을 봐주셨군요. 감사합니다!
      V&A에서 한 달에 두 차례씩 open studio를 하고 있어요. 방문해주시면 뵙고 이야기 나누면 좋겠네요. 관심있으시면 이멜 주소 남겨주세요.^^

  2. 안녕하세요! 작가님 어제 우연히 뵜던 이윤지 입니다. 친구들이랑 갔던터라 급하게 인사도 못드리고 나왔네요. 제 메일 주소 남겨요 오픈스튜디오 날짜 알려주시면 찾아갈께요! 그럼 좋은하루 보내시고요 곧 뵈어요! 🙂

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