Locative arts

Locative Arts 

Drew Hemment

locative arts는 location-aware, networked media, 즉 locative media를 사용해서 작업 하는 것에 한정적인 term이다. 내 리서치와 직접적 연결은 없음. 

All art engages in location to some degree, even if just in the way that it responds to the space created by gallery and frame, or that the found object is marked by the absence of the location from which it was drawn. If a precursor to locative media were to be identified within the art world it might be Richard Long, who creates his art by walking through a landscape, annotating the physical environment he encounters with stones or other ambient materials, and documenting augmented space that results in photographs that provide an esoteric other to the objectifying gaze of cartography or satellite photography.

Artists are responding to the technical possibilities of location-aware, networked media by asking what can be experienced now that could not be experienced before, in some cases producing more-or-less conventional artistic representations using location data, in others playing with the possibilities of the media itself. The exploratory movements of locative media lead to a convergence of geographical and data space, reversing the trend towards digital content being viewed as placeless, only encountered in the amorphous and other space of Locative Arts | Drew Hemment the internet. Much like Long, ‘geo-annotation’ projects such as [murmur] and Urban Tapestries weave interlocking narrative threads through the environment, and a wide range of other artistic approaches are also being explored, such as the mixed reality gaming of Uncle Roy All Around You (Fig. 1), the ambient narrative of InterUrban (Fig. 2), and the sensory immersion of Come Closer (Fig. 3).


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