Digital Cinema : a False Revolution John Belton

Digital Cinema : a False Revolution

John Belton

October vol.100. 2002

 mostly about Hollywood’s digitization. commercial film industry.

그래도 활용가능한 부분은, 저자가 not that much revolution이라고 하는 부분. 즉 digitization이 그다지 바꾼 게 많지 않다는 거. 

by the end of 1994, during the summer of 1995 대부분이 digitalized 했다. (102)

In short, digital cinema is a revolutionary technological innovation for filmmakers. … As we shall see, it is also a potential boon.-in the form of cost saving-for film distributors. But is is not yet clear that it can do anything for motion picture audiences aside from eliminating jitter, weave, dirt and scratches from the projected image. Even if we concede that these improvements result in better projection, they are not significant enouth for them to be declared “revolutionary” in terms of the audiences’ experience of motion picture. (107-18)

그리고 film에 완전히 replace 될것이라 보지는 않는다. (110)

One obvious problem with digital cinema is that it has no novelty value, at least not for film audiences. (114)


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