Time and the spectator in the experience of expanded cinemaa

Time and the spectator in the experience of expanded cinema

Malcolm Le Grice

이 글은 Ch03에다가 추가

Resistence to narrative 가 initial 목표라고 이야기한다.

screening time / spectator time

In narrative cinema everything possible is done to reduce awareness of the actuality of the screening time and space- this is integral to the whole institution of cinema. The seats are soft, the … all reducing awareness of our actual physical presence to the minimum.

I sought to reverse this order of priority by making spectator time primary and giving it clear priority. We did this through a range of strategies that increased rather than decreased the spectator’s awareness of their own physical presence in the space of projection and the temporal encounter-the duration-of the work. It emphasized the physicality of the screen surface, the space between screen and projectors and bewteen these and the spectator. (163)

Reversing the priority of temporal experience in cinema by making spectator time primary, new issues are again…

Time in expanded cinema

Here I now see the crucial issues as related to spectator-centered presence of encounter. The spatial aspects of this are relatively well understood. By extending the cinematic presentation through multi-screen forms, the spectator must make choices of attention between one part of a presentation and another. 나는 여기에 의구심

The temporal aspect of expanded cinema has been less fully discussed. .. In all these cases, this encounter is both spatial and temporal. 아니라고 봅니다.

McCall만이 유일한 예외라고 생각합니다.

The notion of duration, a term that implies a subjective awareness of time’s passage, a continuity of attention that ‘belongs’ to the spectator-the experience of time’s passage within a condition of actual, not illusory presence. (169) 이건 동의합니다.





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