Art + Architecture : Christiane Bjone

Art + Architecture : Christiane Bjone

Modern architecture는 clear, scientific articulation of structure였고. 따라서, 이 안에 설치된 art piece들이 주된 역할을 했지, architecture가 부각되는 건 아니었다. Architects fell back. Simple framing device (14p) 였다. PM에서는 이게 변한다는 걸로.

UNESCO 예를 들면서 왜 art piece들과 architecture가 inharmonious한지. (18p) visually fail because the vocabulary of the artist dose not engage with the building any way besides simple contrast. (18)

The artworks seem unconnected to their place and purpose이기 때문에 전혀 어울리지 않는다는 것이다. 예를 들어, Picasso 작업의 내용에서 spatial이 굉장히 중요한 부분이었는데, display된 것에는 그게 전혀 담겨있지 않다.

visual disengagement between building and art, the introspection and isolation of contemporary art from the figure, social concerns and the world at large. 라고 설명하고 있다.

unconnected to the building complex physically and intellectually. (19)

Mies van der Rohe (white cube / modernism)랑 반대되는 사람으로 Kurt Schwitters를 들고 있다. site-specific installation art 등장하기 전에 실험 .

Walter Gropius의 Bauhaus 건축은 art랑 건축이 잘 결합되었다고 보고 있다. (26) the Sommerfeld House. (1920) Rebe House, 1930 (29p)이게 더 맞는듯? The decoration breaks out of the traditional framing of art and establishes art as a competing identity to the enclosure of the building. (29)

Although modest in scope the Rabe house interior prefigures many of the ideas of contemporary performance art and site-specific installations.

Walter Gropius: Artworks ‘are all developed in organic relationship with the art of building.’ (37) 보조적인 관계가 아니라는 걸 강조했다. 

Chapter 7: 에서 Gordon Matta-Clark랑 Olafur Eliasson 참고.- activate architectural space 

anti-architecture / dearchitecture 라고 불린다. These works represent the expansion of the definition of sculpture into the new areas of performance, photography, ecology, and installation. (115)

The attack on architecture by Matta-Clark is aggressive and confrontational. The confrontational collaborations between art and architecture. (121)

(123) 건축에 내재되어 있는 다양한 가치들에 대한 attack이 동시적으로 되기 때문에 these intense psychologically charged elements that make the project one of the best “suspended conficts.” 

Olafur Eliasson의 weather project. 

It is visually connected to the remnant industrial elements of the power plant (Turbine hall), was of an ominous science fiction stage-set dream. the juxtaposition of the art phenomena in the context of the architecture container is a major component of the visual success of these projects.  (125)

148p에서 Wodizcko 이야기 .

With his projected images on the surface of monuments, buildings, and other structures, Wodiczko has made modern architecture into medium of expression, producing unexpected anthromorphic similarities and perhaps an unintended public symbolism. (148)

Turell은 역시나 나에게 해당 안 되는 것은, 대부분 그는 건축적 구조물을 만든다. light를 위해서. 나는 따로 만드는 거 말고, site- intervention 말하는 것이다. 




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