Water projects

Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Water Projects

Silvana Editoriale (September 27, 2016)

Christo and JC give birth to a new value of the context while at the same time asserting the power of artistic means t enrich the places they work on through a broadening of not only intellectual and visual but also social and environmental horizons. (19)

All of these projects share the characteristic of temporary duration, and a concept for a specific location. (21) 이건 Clark하고도 공통점. 

27페이지에 documentation 중요.

Gemano Celant: their works depend on the specific environmental situation and in response to the cultural system of the particular society they were set in. The conformation of the mateirlas and their adaptability, the visual and light effects create a certain ‘theatricality‘ in which the viewer is embraced and captured. So is contemplation on the unmoving land equivalent to contemplation on a liquid and fluid surface? (30)

1968-69 chicago project에서는indoor도 wrapping 했다.






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