The real and the revealed: Anthony Bond

The real and the revealed: Anthony Bond


Christo (John Kaldor Art Projects), pp.19-23.

여기서 중요한 건 veil 하고 membrane!!!!!!

Art Gallery of New South Wales (1990)

I wish to discuss the metaphor of the veil or membrane which is involved in nearly all of his projects. (20)

The veil or drape can be discussed in several different contexts. Three of these are; the veil as a metaphor of the division between the material world and our constructed image of it the history of drapes revealing that which they purport to conceal; the association of these two connections with desire. (20)

In Christo’s projects it is the demarcation between material being and our mental image which is pre-eminent and this is reinforced by the drape which reveals. (22)

Wrapping must necessarily relate to the physical structure of the object itself… in order to discover it anew. (22)

In some respects the wrapped objects remind us of skin. (23)





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